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Nic with Bertie and Emily with Sandy


Hi, I’m Nic, and along with Bertie and his niece puppy Mabel, I’m very lucky to live on the beautiful Kent coast. So naturally Bertie and Mabel are beach bums who spend many hours up to their ears in seaweed and sand every day. They are always finding something stinky to roll in, little treasures.

I struggled to find a shampoo that didn’t dry out the coat of my own non-moult pups: Bertie and Mabel the Tibetan Terriers, and Stan (also a TT) who I had before them.

Thanks to the lockdown (there has to be a silver lining to Covid somewhere, right?) I finally got round to doing something about the research as I’m conscious to leave nothing but pawprints on the environment. Creating and testing the recipes followed and so Pup Suds was born!

My daughter, Emily, has a background in animal care so she was also roped in to advise and help, along with her pup Sandy, so it’s a proper Mother/Daughter operation. I’m in charge of shampoos, oils and balms, and after a couple of knotting lessons, she is now in charge of the toys. Emily will also be writing some helpful blogs that we will add to the site in the near future. It’s a growing thing…

Bertie, Mabel and Sandy are naturally chief testers!

We hope your pups smell delicious, look glossy, and enjoy the toys – do let us know how you get on with them.

Nic, Bertie and Mabel, Emily and Sandy xXx

Contact Us

Telephone: 07979 853 028

Minnis Bay, Birchington, Kent CT7 9SH
Monday to Friday: 10am to 5pm

Our Team

  • Nicola Wordsworth

    Nicola Wordsworth

    Shampoo Maker & Bertie's Butler

  • Emily Fisher

    Emily Fisher

    Marketing & Tug Toy Making

  • Bertie

    Bertie (Herbert)

    CEO & Chief Tester

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