EcoSnuffle Mat – Small


The ONLY eco friendly Snuffle Mat

Each one is unique and carefully crafted using different materials and textures to create an enriching experience. The natural rubber mat grips to ANY surface!

EcoSnuffle Mats are an eco friendly alternative to keep your pet busy but relaxed and calm. Encouraging natural instincts, each mat is bespoke and handmade in Essex from up-cycled clothing and materials.

Suitable for puppies, they work well as slow feeders to aid digestion and also help distract dogs with separation anxiety.

As these use recycled materials they come in a variety of colourways. If you require a specific colour, please do get in touch and we can make a bespoke mat for you.


28cm x 20cm

RENEW! You can return your mat to be revamped… choose your colours… this is THE fully sustainable snuffle mat.


Visit for advice, videos and pictures on how to get the best from your mat.

119kg of clothing recycled… and counting!

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