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ECO, VEGAN, NATURAL AND LUXE?! Welcome to Pup Suds – the home of environmentally friendly, 100% natural and vegan, dog shampoo bars, conditioning coat oils, skin and nose & paw balms, and toys.

Luxurious handmade 100% natural – and vegan – dog shampoo bars. There are six different moisturising varieties and three have an added individual touch of essential oil: eucalyptus oil to repel those pesky fleas and kill fox poo smell, cedarwood to support healthy skin, and beautifully relaxing lavender to calm. Then there is a super gentle super moisturising one made from African Black Soap… the groomers secret to hypoallergenic gentle cleansing and moisturising for the fur and skin. If you have a dog that is itching like made then our Anti-Itch Shampoo Bar with pure Oat Kernal Oil and Shea Butter is the one – it REALLY works and offers relief and repair.

And for the A-list-influencer pups out there, there is the SUPER LUXE shampoo bar. Created with (natural liquid gold) Argan Oil and Pro-Vitamin B5 to help maintain moisture, repair damage, revitalise hair and stop static. Stuffed full of Vitamin E and anti-oxidants, it’s suitable for any skin and fur type type.

For the travelling or staycationing pup, there is the get-you-out-of-an-embarrassing-stinky-dog-situation cute travel shampoo bar in a tin and fantastic cotton waffle travel towel – available individually or together in a tail wagging travel set.

The coat oil is also 100% natural, vegan and totally luxurious, silky and soooooo moisturising. Helping to protect and hydrate, all while adding shine and helping to detangle.

And for those dry and sore noses and paws we have our natural and vegan ultra deep conditioning balm.

And we promise, absolutely no nasty ingredients, ever!

Created specifically for non-moult dogs, but suitable for all much loved dirty dogs.


Environmentally friendly, natural, recycled, washable, compostable tug and chew toys.

Natural and handmade from soft recycled cotton cord, or recycled t-shirt cord. Safe fun for your pup – with the added bonus that it cleans their teeth and gums. A variety of sizes to cover a variety of sizes of fur balls!

No plastics or nasty bits. These tug toys are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. And they also go in and out of the washing machine when they get stinky and yukky! Brilliant.

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