Anti-Wet Dog Candle… Remove Wet Dog Smells!


Love the smell of wet dog? No? Just me then… OK, hate the smell of wet dog?! Then this is the candle for you – it’s the perfect match to our Anti-Stink Anti-Fox shampoo bar.

Hand blended using 100% natural ingredients with clean burning soy and coconut wax, eucalyptus essential oil and a fully eco wick.

Handmade in small batches on the beautiful Kent coast.

Vegan  |  Cruelty Free  |  100% Natural

CONTAINS NO NASTIES! So no parabens, sulphates, surfactants, PEG, mono propylene glycol, phenoxyethanol, or plastics.

In a recyclable, reusable aluminium tin.

As this is a handmade candle using natural ingredients sizes and colour may vary slightly. Approximately 80g



Trim wick to 5mm before burning. For the first burn keep it going until a pool of wax is across the top of the candle.


Keep out of the reach of dogs and children.

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